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Member Spotlight

Our Members Make a Difference
Across the country and overseas, in all professional roles and career stages, NEA educators and allies make our schools and communities worthy of our students.

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Member Spotlight

Ethelyn Tumalad

"True equity comes with having a seat at the table. True equity comes with joy and love, building bridges together as we guide students towards liberation."
Member Spotlight

LeAndre Butler

"Whether it is driven by fear, power or ignorance, I believe that behaviors that negatively discriminate against another person are inherently wrong. I believe in every human’s right to have equality and wholeness to live their human experience free from discrimination and bias."
Member Spotlight

Alejandra Saechao

"Equity is more than just a word; it is a guiding principle. I believe that we need to strive for a culture that values our differences and grows through our collective diversity."
Member Spotlight

Lori Tapahonso

"Equity is commitment to community. It’s an understanding that our action, or inaction, can and will affect others in profound ways. It’s the everyday decisions that we make to show up and provide support to our communities in large and small ways that align with our natural character."
Member Spotlight

Lisa Hasuike

"This work is hard, but there is joy and passion within it too. Equity work takes all of us, all the time, always, and is never complete. Systems that support the status quo were designed to thrive on the oppression of many. It is only through courageous, persistent, collective action that we can build the long-term systemic change we desire."
Member Spotlight

Stephen Siegel

"Equity simply means that all groups are equally represented. It could mean that all groups are equally oppressed. I prefer liberation and justice."
Member Spotlight

Katherine Watkins

"We must make sure that we are protecting ourselves and others from burnout as this is our lives' work. Our children deserve better. We all deserve better. Therefore, we must fight through our discomfort and fear."
Member Spotlight

Evan Walker

"I believe equity is a practice, not an 'achievement,' and has no limit in the form it can take. Equity is coming from a place of love, not fear, and is full of invitations, not assumptions."
Member Spotlight

Jenoge Sora Khatter

"My goal is for students to see how they can shape history, and how important it is that they do so."
Member Spotlight

Angela Vargas

"Listening to and observing our students to discover more about their identity is our greatest gift to them and ourselves. With the knowledge gathered, educators can take intentional and sophisticated steps in deepening learning, relationships, and community."