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Donate to the OEA-PAC Today!

Together, we will claim victories for public education
Rally at the capitol


The OEA PAC is fueled by Oregon educators like you who come together to fight for public education champions at the local and state level, regardless of political party. Make your voice heard by making your recurring contribution to OEA PAC.

OEA-PAC is OEA's political action committee (PAC). We use money that is voluntarily contributed to elect pro-public education school boards, state representatives and senators, and governors. Our PAC program is also coordinated with the National Education Association's federal PAC, which serves as our voice in Washington and helps to elect pro-public education members of Congress.

Political decisions affect our classrooms, jobs, students, and families. Our union is facing unprecendented attacks and our profession and funding are under constant threat; we can't afford to sit on the sidelines. The most powerful tool our association has to protect public schools is OEA-PAC.

Join thousands of your fellow Oregon educators in contributing monthly to OEA-PAC and make your voice heard!