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Understanding Friedrichs

You may have heard earlier this week that the United States…

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Power to Our Students

The Summer 2015 edition of Today's OEA is now available! In this…

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Applauding the passage of HB 2655

On June 11, the Oregon Senate passed HB 2655, the Student…

What’s Your Class Size?

Oregon classrooms are in crisis. Our failure to invest in our public schools is shortchanging our students and our future. We now have the third largest class size in the country. Educators can't give their students the individual attention they need to succeed. This is unacceptable. What can we do about it? Tell Us Your Number. Tell Your Story!

Share Your Class Size

To share your class size, please fill out the simple form below. Your story will be shared with fellow educators, the public and Oregon legislators.

13051-Oregon C4-FINAL-NEA HD from Becca Uherbelau on Vimeo.

Learn more about the Class Size Campaign!

Oregon Education By The Numbers

3rd largest class sizes in the nation
7% less than National average for per-pupil spending
#47 in the nation for spending on higher education

Last school year, Beaverton teacher Stephen Hammond, pictured above, had 35 students in his 8th grade science class.

“The rooms are designed for 30, max. Kids are sitting on table tops. They can still take notes, but their back may be turned to you. You can’t teach kids and help them solve their individual questions with that big of a class.”

As school positions decrease, class sizes continue to increase. Studies from Tennessee, Wisconsin, and elsewhere demonstrate that students who are assigned to smaller classes in grades K-3rd do better in every way that can be measured: they score higher on tests, receive better grades, and exhibit improved attendance.